About Us

We are Denise and Jessi, a mother and daughter duo making handcrafted accessories. 

By day we are busy saving lives (Denise is a nurse!) and getting in "fights" (Jessi is an attorney!), but the rest of the time we are crafting away on any flat surface we can find. 

Each item you find in our shop is a handmade by us. We have conditioned the clay until our hands were bruised, mixed our own specialty colors and styles, sliced our fingers a few too many times, and have dropped many a jump ring in the process.

We hope that when you wear these pieces, you will feel good, joyful, and fashionable. 

"It is ever so much easier to be good if your clothes [and accessories] are fashionable." - Anne of Green Gables. 

We love shopping in person and we know you do too, so here's just a few places you can find us!

United Hairlines 432 Lincoln Ave Hebron NE 68370